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Welcome to the Pidonee Co.

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We are makers and purveyors of Office Desktop accessories, Desk Lamp, Kitchenware and  Utensils which is made by Taiwan Unique Serpentine marble. 

Suppose that you prepare to develop the new products range, or to explore a new market, you may be sure that you will find yourselves lucky enough to get the right source of supply at the lowest possible prices accompanied by the best services.

Anything else you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Natural stone, unique lines, gem-like colors, make you feel

the mystery of the world, and the joy of having !

Pidonee Enterprise Co., Ltd.

2F., No.14. Sec.2, Shuang Shih Rd.,

Pan Chiao Dist., New Taipei City.

Taiwan 22044

Tel : 886-2-22 50 95 11


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